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Since no one has done it yet, I'm declaring myself the education editor. There's a void that has to be filled. If we're going to have an education president, education representatives, education governors, education mayors, it's time for an education editor. And I'm not going to just use education as an adjective in my new role. So here's your first quiz.

Question number 1 - If your are in Europe and buy a Uniroyal tire, what company is probably the manufacturer? A) Uniroyal; B) Uniroyal-Goodrich; C) BFGoodrich; D) Pirelli; E) Continental; F) None of the above. (Don't go looking for the answers in this piece. That would defeat the purpose of the educational experience because I know most of you would peek).

Question number 2 - Who manufactures the BFGoodrich TA radial tire? A) BFGoodrich; B) Uniroyal; C) Uniroyal-Goodrich; D) Michelin; E) Goodyear; F) None of the above.

Question number 3 - Why did the Detroit automotive companies want the early supplier involvement programs? A) They saw it as a way to compete against the Japanese; B) They saw it as a way to make domestic suppliers go bankrupt; C) They wanted to see just how much they could bleed out of their suppliers; D) They saw a way of outsourcing their design and engineering and still pay less for the product; E) All of the above.

Question number 4 - What tire manufacturer in the U.S. made the most money last year? A) Michelin; B) Bridgestone-Firestone; C) Goodyear; D) Cooper Tire; E) General Tire.

Question number 5 - Why did the company you picked for question number 4 do so well when everyone else was reporting record losses? A) They have a better accountant; B) They don't do business with original equipment automotive; C) They didn't buy another tire company; D) They don't have a global strategy.

This first quiz isn't that difficult. It's meant for self-improvement so there won't be any grades. Extra credit will be earned by those that can answer the why and how of the first two questions. However, the real learning experience comes from understanding the why and how of question number 3.
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Title Annotation:tire companies
Author:Smith, Don R.
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Jun 1, 1991
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