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Dear readers.

I must immediately make two apologies for this issue. First and foremost for its late publication, the result of technical problems. The second apology relates to the interview with the Trio des Iscles in the last issue. The interviewer was not Jana Pospisilova but Marketa Pospisilova.

The title interview in this issue presents Gabriela Demeterova, a violinist who while by no means a newcomer on the Czech scene still always manages to have surprises in store. Her most recent surprise was adding a viola to her musical arsenal and releasing an album in which she played on both instruments -- at the same time.

Lovers of contemporary music have already come to associate the autumn with the New Music Marathon -- a festival that presents a series of interesting composers and performers and has already established a certain tradition.

Free improvisation is a peculiar genre, and hard to describe in words. Nonetheless we try the best we can in this issue. First there is a review of a CD by the Durman & Posejpal duo, and then an article on Horologe of Dreamers, a free association of free improvisers.

I hope that in 2003 all our readers find time for good music. Perhaps even some of the music that you read about in our magazine.
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Author:Kratochvil, Matej
Publication:Czech Music
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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