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Esteemed Readers of the Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease,

We proudly continue to raise our journal to the standards you expect and deserve, and are pleased to present this new issue. With your support, the number and quality of articles submitted to the journal are both increasing.

Starting with this issue, we have also added a new format to the journal. Like other prestigious publications concerning colorectal disease, we have also improved our infrastructure to enable the publication of video vignettes. I hope that you will welcome this development with interest. In the near future, a brief guide will be published on the journal's webpage on how to submit video vignettes.

Another important decision is our intent to print one or two reviews in each issue. We believe this change will greatly add to the value of the journal.

Awaiting you in this issue are two reviews, six original articles, and four case reports. We hope you enjoy reading all of these interesting studies.

In this issue, you will find a philosophical approach to decision making in oncologic patients. On the other hand, we included a study of the efficacy of Aesculus hippocastanum in hemorrhoidal disease.

In addition, there are a total of six original articles, one of which was experimental. The experimental study investigates the efficacy of the Calendula officinalis herbal extract in the prevention of adhesions, an issue which has been the focus of much research but has yet to be solved definitively. We also present an important scientific study assessing quality of life after ileostomy/colostomy surgery that concludes with results we think you will find interesting.

We also hope you enjoy reading a study investigating cancer perceptions among the relatives of patients who undergo surgery for colorectal cancer. Another article presenting approaches to anal incontinence due to sphincter tears associated with multiple/challenging births, which is a very serious problem in our country and abroad, will also make a significant contribution to the literature. Furthermore, we hope that a study investigating predictive factors for the incidence of surgical site infections will facilitate the review of clinical policies regarding the prevention of these infections, which we still have not been able to eliminate.

We wish you a relaxing holiday as we begin the summer term this month, and look forward to seeing you again in September with more new and valuable studies.

Best regards...

Tahsin Colak, MD


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Author:Colak, Tahsin
Publication:Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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