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Welcome to the October edition of AJLL. The issue comprises a variety of articles that report on national and international literacy research. The first paper, 'Teaching Asia: English pedagogy and Asia Literacy within the Australian Curriculum', by Guaci and Curwood reports on a study which investigated the influences that have shaped teacher attitudes towards addressing the cross curriculum priority 'Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia' within Year 7-10 classrooms. The second article, 'Being and becoming TESOL educators: embodied learning via practicum', by Andrew and Razoumova reports on a study of the practicum experiences of thirty students of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The third paper by Julianne Lynch, 'The complexity of teaching internet inquiry with iPads in the early years', reports on a study which documented one teacher's practices as she guided students who were in the second and third year of their schooling to undertake internet research. In particular the discussion illustrates the complexity of the practices that interweave traditional 'print' and new 'digital' materials and skills. The fourth paper, 'A phenomenological perspective of children's writing', by Healey and Merga explores writing research from cognitive, affective, and social perspectives. They suggest a new phenomenological orientation that positions writing as an experience of the self, the expression of ideas, and the existential phenomena of the lifeworld as a means to investigate the field of writing research. The final paper, 'Learning through Responsive and Collaborative Medication in a Tutoring Context', by Jaeger describes a protocol used by a tutor to respond to the challenges faced by a child during reading comprehension. The paper reports on how the tutor collaborated with the child to set goals, plan lessons and celebrate learning gains. We hope that you enjoy reading these articles and look forward to receiving contributions from teachers and researchers.

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Author:Rennie, Jennifer
Publication:Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
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Date:Sep 29, 2017
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