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This issue has seven different theme-based research papers. The first paper addressed the password based client side validation. The proposed scheme has valid applications in E-Commerce, the authors believe. The next paper deals with the logical link blocks in web pages. This work was initiated to strengthen research in web page information extraction.

The third paper on RFID data cleaning reduces uncertainty of RFID data streams cleaning. In the next paper the authors have proposed a cooperative scheme, called the decode-and-forward plus cooperative jamming (DFCJ) and tested it. In the next paper the authors have discussed a detection method that uses a sparse representation classifier based on adaptive least squares (recursive least squares sparse representation classification.

In the next paper the authors have accounted the relevance degree of documents in order to rank collections. In the sixth paper the author has designed a robot based on fuzzy network for Intelligent Embedded Health Care. In the last paper the authors have discussed the frequent pattern mining analyze transaction datasets.

The published papers mark the innovation and technology enhancement.


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Publication:Journal of Digital Information Management
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Date:Apr 1, 2015
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