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This issue of Air and Space Power Journal-Africa and Francophonie offers perceptive articles on a variety of subjects ranging from speculation about the future of airpower to an examination of the problem of collapsed states in Africa. Specifically, in "Thinking about Air and Space Power in 2025," Lt Gen Denis Mercier of the French Air Force suggests five guiding principles that could shape tomorrow's airpower, affirming that "the flight toward 2025 will take place in the air and space environment." Next, Prof. James Wood Forsyth Jr. believes that realism is in our future. As we discover in his article "The Past as Prologue: Realist Thought and the Future of American Security Policy," contemporary international events give weight to that assertion. Professor Forsyth points out that because states have no universal principles to guide them, they must remain aware of other states' actions and use a pragmatic approach to resolve problems as they arise. In the same vein, Dr. Cheryl Graham, in "To Deter or Not to Deter: Applying Historical Lessons to the Iranian Nuclear Challenge," exhorts us to consider what we learned from China's push to join the nuclear club and apply that knowledge to Iran. Another piece debates the effectiveness of state building, particularly whether such an endeavor influences Iraqis' support of the occupation. In "Assessing the Claims of State-Building Skeptics: Occupation and Counterinsurgency in Iraq," Dr. Alana Querze tentatively affirms the utility of state building as part of a sound counterinsurgency strategy. Finally, Prof. Nikolas Emmanuel's article "Self-Help and Africa's Collapsed States: The Critical Role of Subregional Hegemons" explores the part played by Africa's subregional core states in confronting the problem presented by the continent's failed states. His research addresses the policy question of how major international powers may be able to help these essential players in developing the capacity and legitimacy to tackle this difficult issue.

Remy M. Mauduit, Editor

Air and Space Power Journal-Africa and Francophonie

Maxwell AFB, Alabama

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Author:Mauduit, Remy M.
Publication:Air & Space Power Journal - Africa and Francophonie
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 22, 2012
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