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Welcome to the Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy! The first issue of JACPT has been in development since our strategic planning retreat at this time last year. At this retreat, we were challenged with ways of supporting our Section's mission and vision. Among those aspects of the mission and vision, elevating the practice of acute care physical therapy and making ourselves more visible to the health care community were particularly instrumental in the decision to create a journal dedicated specifically to the science and practice of acute care physical therapy.

A successful Journal is only one avenue for promoting the mission and vision of the Acute Care Section. The Board of Directors and Editorial Board of JACPT will continue to work closely to achieve three basic missions for JACPT 1. Demonstrating a unique body of knowledge that distinguishes the acute care physical therapist from other physical therapists; 2. Defining the role of the acute care physical therapist within health care; 3. Demonstrating a growing evidence-base to the practice of acute care physical therapy.

To distinguish ourselves, we need a repository for the body of knowledge that defines our role in health care. This body of knowledge should be sufficiently different from other physical therapy practices that we become recognized as the experts in practice of physical therapy for those with acute care needs. It also needs to define our place in health care such that practitioners outside physical therapy seek out the acute care physical therapist. A third aspect is the continued growth of this area of practice. Thus, the emphasis of JACPT on the science and practice of acute care physical therapy.

I have been fortunate that the Editorial Advisory Board members for Acute Care Perspectives have taken on new roles as Associate Editors. Scott LaRaus, Kevin Brueilly, and Jane Wetzel have the important task of synthesizing the reports of peer reviewers with their own analysis of submitted manuscripts and reporting to me with recommendations. They also review resubmissions/revisions of submitted manuscripts to ensure required revisions meet the standards of publication in JACPT. The development of JACPT has added several tasks beyond those of Acute Care Perspectives. I am happy to announce the appointment of Beth Smith as Deputy Editor. She adds another perspective in addition to another pair of hands and eyes to make JACPT the publication that I had hoped it would be. Input from the Associate Editors and Deputy Editor have proved invaluable as we have put this first issue of JACPT into a physical form. We have been fortunate to have so many individuals volunteer to become peer reviewers. The efforts of Scott

Arnold, Stephen Carp, Lee Ann Eagler, Barbara Ehrmann, Karen Holtgrefe, Diane Madras, Stephen Morris, Barbara Smith, Beth Smith, Bonnie Swafford, and Patricia Ohtake have provided the kind of feedback necessary to elevate the scientific value of the manuscripts submitted thus far. This level of critique has been beneficial for the authors as well as preparing JACPT for consideration for indexing in MEDLINE[R]. Inclusion in MEDLINE is critical for the recognition of acute care physical therapy as a unique health care entity. We are required to submit an entire year's worth of issues to be considered and our plan is to apply for inclusion as soon as we have this first year of issues completed.

Finally, the efforts of Lieve Monnens and Judy Oiler of our management company, APTANJ, have been critical in making this transformation into a full-fledged, standalone journal for acute care physical therapy. Lieve and Judy have been responsible for the physical design as well as keeping us all connected and on track.

Getting this first issue to press--and trying to make it perfect--has been a huge undertaking and I hope all reading this will both celebrate this accomplishment and seek ways to add to our journal. We are particularly in need of individuals who will find advertisers and promote our journal beyond the members of the Section. Please send comments or questions to

Glenn L. Irion, PhD, PT, CWS

Editor in Chief, Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy
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Author:Irion, Glenn L.
Publication:Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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