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The recording of man's thoughts in writing and other art form has undergone many changes over millennia. Scholars tend to brand the writing, art, architecture, music as they relate to an age: renaissance, romantic, modern, post-modern and so on. What I have discovered in all ages is that liberation is highlighted in most forms of artistic expression.

I would posit that most writing may be classified as liberation literature. This form of writing embodies freedom seeking, protest, salvific expressions as exemplified in religious literature, phantasmagoric as in fairy tales and science fiction.

Man is in constant struggle with nature and his spiritual self to assert his own sense of self and freewill, or is constrained by religious beliefs to submit to a deity and a divine order. As a result of the forces of good and evil, the underlying element in literature, there is a constant need to seek and proclaim liberation.

The search for love, for freedom, for peace, for happiness, for an escape from a draconian world, is therefore bound up in liberation literature and the hope that good would triumph eventually over evil, and that an Edenic state would be reached.

John White notes: Liberation is the discovery of your true identity beyond ego or the sense of "I" as a separate Self. (>> 110805977.html>>) p. 1.

Underlying man's broken self is a striving for a balance which will bring true liberation in this world or the next.

In Volume 23.2, whether it is in the fiction, poetry or criticism there is a search for liberation that draws the human spirit to the sublime.

Horace I. Mukwano Goddard

September 2011

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Date:Sep 22, 2011
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