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This issue of the Journal will introduce a new category of articles. Numerous times ATEA members feel the need to address various concerns and issues that arise in the field of education, in postsecondary technical education, in related businesses and industries, etc. Unfortunately, the Journal did not provide an avenue to express member's ideas and opinions of these concerns and issues except in the "Kristal Kleer" section, which was limited in length, 750 words, and thus did not provide the opportunity to provide supporting documentation surrounding the issue or opinion. With the addition of an "At Issue" category of articles, it is hoped that our members will take advantage of it and submit an article (more like an essay) addressing the concern or issue. Our first "At Issue" article is presented by Mr. Allen Zimmerman and is entitled "The Greenest Green Possible: Energy That Is Not Consumed." You will find the article on page 21 of this issue.

With the addition of the "At Issue" category, the Journal will now have three categories of articles. The Descriptive Articles are reviewed manuscripts describing best practices from the classroom and laboratory, technical information, and problems and solutions. Several of these articles have been taken from non-data based research presentations made at the national and regional conferences. Please do not forget that if you make a presentation at an ATEA conference, be sure to "write up" your presentation similar to a descriptive article for possible publication. The Descriptive Articles are the most popular type of article submitted to the Journal. The Research Articles are refereed manuscripts based on data-based research conducted relative to some aspect of technical education, a closely related area, or taken from a data-based research presentation from the National Conference. These are the more difficult to write; and in the past, the research articles have had the most returns for revisions. The At Issue Articles will be essay type articles addressing a specific concern or issue. In addition to your expressed opinion or idea, other supporting documentation should be included.

Just because a new category of articles will be used in the Journal, do not overlook the idea that you can still write and submit a short opinion article for "Kristal Kleer," do not think that the Letter from the President and other standing features of the Journal will not be included, and that Betty and DeeAnn will stop looking for news items. I would like to encourage each and every member of ATEA to seriously consider submitting something to the ATEA Journal whether it is news items, opinions in "Kristal Kleer," a Descriptive Article," a "Research Article," or an "At Issue" article or essay. If you have any questions concerning the process of submitting an article, the appropriateness of content, or format required; please do not hesitate to contact me.

Edward C. Mann, Editor

ATEA Journal

By: Edward C. Mann, ATEA Journal editor
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Author:Mann, Edward C.
Publication:ATEA Journal
Date:Sep 22, 2007
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