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Editorial perspective.

It is gratifying for the Editorial Team of Paradigm to bring the second issue of the Paradigm for the year 2010. We are still lagging behind but we hope to make up our delayed schedule shortly. Paradigm editorial team requests the researcher s to consider Paradigm as an avenue for publication of their research output and calls for paper.

Indian economy is in a phase of transition and its corporate sector is gaining maturity with more and more global presence. The papers in this issue focus on many major issues now influencing the Indian economy and her corporate sector.

In this issue our area of special attention is insurance industry. This industry in India is divided into life and non-life insurance. Both these sectors have undergone a radical change with opening up of the industry for private players. With the advent of private insurance companies, an assessment of quality of services in this industry has become a necessity. Three papers in this issue focus on this aspect. The paper by Kaur & Negi looks at customer satisfaction in this industry, while paper by Sharma considers the other side of the problem by considering company executives' perception with regard to redress of consumers' grievances. Paper by Kumar & Singh is a research into the area of service quality in the non life insurance industry.

Paper by Banerjee & Banerjee and paper by Puri reflect on the Indian stock market. Stock split is an issue which has generated interest in research. While stock split is just a unit change, it still affects the stock price behavior. Banerjee & Banerjee consider this issue empirically for Indian stock market. The importance of mutual fund in Indian investment scenario has much more increased compared to the UTI days. Paper by Puri analyzes performance of balanced mutual fund schemes in Indian scenario.

Paper by Dumblekar gives attention to an important topic of group behavior. Interpersonal competitiveness in a group is a major human resource management issue. This paper studies participating behavior in a simulation game.

Srivastava & Sharma dwells upon the market promotion in pharmaceutical industry. This subject of marketing in pharmaceutical industry involves important ethical issues as well.

Finally, our book review segment considers the "Beyond Invisible Hand" the latest book by noted economist Kaushik Basu. This book is an attempt of relook at the fundamental proposition of free market supremacy by an economist, belonging to the camp of mainstream economics and having faith in the market efficiency.

We hope that the papers published will be widely appreciated by the academic fraternity as well as by the policy makers. We look forward to your valuable suggestions for improvement of the quality of the future issues of the journal.
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Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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