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Editorial note.

The Brazilian Journal of Biology regularly publishes scientific notes, comments and letters to the Editor. The Editorial Board tries to maintain a time sequence in the publication of these notes. In general, submission deadlines and acceptance, relevance and importance are the criteria. However, given the relevance and importance of some notes, the time sequence is not used. Therefore, authors are advised that some notes considered by the Editorial Board of high relevance due to their content or subject addressed are published in advance.

Issue number 73 of the Brazilian Journal of Biology is currently open with the publication of 26 papers in various areas of Biology, Ecology, Botany and Zoology with a total of 236 pages. The Brazilian Journal of Biology received 280 papers for submission in 2012. We will maintain the Editorial Policy of quality, the peer review process, schedule of publication and international exposure.

The Editorial Board

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Publication:Brazilian Journal of Biology
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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