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Editorial note.

JSLP-ABA seeks to further the science of speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavior analysis (ABA). All articles published in JSPL-ABA are selected through a blind, peer-review process. Neither the reviewers nor the senior editorial staff found any inaccurate statements in Schoneberger's (2006) paper. These reviewers found Schoneberger's analysis to be on point and worthy of publication. Moreover, Schoneberger's (2006) paper was recently selected by a second, independent panel of blind reviewers for the rare honor of inclusion in BAO's year-in-review issue.

While JSLP-ABA seeks to further the science of SLP and ABA, we certainly understand that the papers submitted to our journal will have an impact beyond the scientific community as well. We have included in this issue a letter to the editor, from a legal advocate for children with autism, which we believe speaks to this point. While we do not agree with the writer's interpretations or with her allegations, we believe that she has the right to be heard, and it is in that spirit that we published her letter.

Finally, the mission of JSLP-ABA is "to provide a forum for SLP and ABA professionals to exchange information on topics of mutual interest" (see These professionals have strong backgrounds in research design, and many have published research themselves. This background entails an understanding of and respect for the scientific process, including research, critique, and refinement of research. Schoenberg's paper raised valid issues regarding research methodology. Readers of JSLP-ABA understand that critical analysis is a crucial part of the scientific process. We encourage and support the right of Howard et al. to provide further information, to engage in further research, or some combination of the two; and we support Mr. Schoneberger's right as a scientist to critique their work.

Joe Cautilli, Lead Editor

Mareile Koenig, Senior Associate Editor
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Author:Cautilli, Joe; Koenig, Mareile
Publication:The Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis
Date:Jun 22, 2007
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