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Editorial note.

After a decade (1993-2003) of the successful international campaign on wome's human rights and violence against women, it's time to review the progress of the campaign. This issue of Voices of Thai Women is a tribute to commemorate the milestone campaign of women around the world demanding violence against women is human rights violation and successfully put it on the world agenda. With the kind support of UNIFEM, the Foundation for Women organized a seminar and press conference on "The 10th anniversary of Vienna and Violence against Women" during the 16 days activism.

The report of the seminar is included with other articles relating to the problem of violence against women, particularly the international trafficking of women and children. The report on the situation of Uzbek women in Thailand and the FFW's study visit to Uzbekistan can demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and the grave violation of women's human rights. The article on Cross-Border Trafficking of Women and Children shows the current situation of cross-border trafficking and the available services of government and non-governmental agencies for the trafficked women and children in Thailand. On a par with the trafficking of women and children is prostitution problem.

Legalization of prostitution is a crucial public debate in Thailand. The article "Sexual Exploitation in the Prostitution Context" is an attempt to expose the need to moving the paradigm from sexual exploitation to the human rights of women in prostitution.

Finally, this issue of Voices of Thai Women also includes the report on FFW's activities during the year 2003 to share our experiences in trying to remedy the wounds of women and children, and in strengthening the role of civil society to stop all forms of violence against women.
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Publication:Voices of Thai Women
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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