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LEE H. BEECHER, M.D., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

CARL C. BELL, M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

DANIEL E. CASEY, M.D., Oregon Health and Science University, Portland

PAUL J. FINK, M.D., Temple University, Philadelphia

MARY ELLEN FOTI, M.D., University of Massachusetts, Worcester

CATHERINE A. FULLERTON, M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston

THELISSA A. HARRIS, M.D., Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital, Conn.

JAMES W. JEFFERSON, M.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

CLIFFORD K. MOY, M.D., Texas Medical and Healthcare Partnership, Austin

RODRIGO A. MUNOZ, M.D., University of California, San Diego

CYNTHIA R. PFEFFER, M.D., Cornell University, New York

DAVID SPIEGEL, M.D., Stanford (Calif.) University

PETER WEIDEN, M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

JOHNNY WILLIAMSON, M.D., Community Mental Health Inc., Chicago
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Publication:Clinical Psychiatry News
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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