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Editorial Vol. 13 Iss. 2 2015.

The food industry is significant economically, socially and culturally worldwide. A strong food industry is vital to both food security and a strong economy. As an example the Australian food industry is currently worth over A$110 billion annually and over 15% of Australians are employed throughout the food value chain (DAFF 2013). Food is central to our culture and our society. The food industry is currently facing many emerging trends and challenges including a growing population and rising incomes, technological changes impacting all stages of the supply chain, changes in consumer purchasing patterns with an increase in the influence of factors such as nutritional profiles, production methods and sustainability issues and structural changes along the supply chain. Responding to these changes will require innovation not only in the production of food and food products but in the value chains and business models adopted throughout the food industry.

This special edition of the journal on Food Marketing and Management: Emerging Issues and Trends contains four (4) papers that cover a diverse range of topics addressing various aspects of the trends noted above that will be of interest to anyone involved in or with an interest in food. While the first two papers are research papers gathering data through a survey and depth interviews respectively, the second two papers are conceptual papers that both focus on aspects of regional food production, one looking at the business models that may improve the viability of regional SME food enterprises and the final paper raising issues around the role of food in regional communities. While, these two conceptual papers are thought provoking, all papers add to the conversation about food.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Kathy Hastings for her assistance in putting together this special edition. Guest Editor,

Meredith Lawley

School of Business Faculty of Arts and Business, University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia



The first paper, "Adoption of Social Media in the Australian and New Zealand Wine Industries" (Forbes, Goodman & Dolan, 2015), gathers data from 379 Australian and New Zealand wineries through an online survey to address research questions around how wineries are using social media, which social media they are using, why wineries are not using social media and future intentions around social media usage.

The second paper, "Sustainable horticulture in North Queensland: resistance to the adoption of innovations? (McCarthy & Schurmann, 2015) uses in-depth interviews (with 22 stakeholders) to explore barriers to the adoption of sustainable growing practices by producers.

The third paper "Exploring integration of non-economic goals into business models of small regional food enterprises: Embedded value creation" (Fleischman & Craig, 2015) is a conceptual paper focusing on small regional food enterprises in terms of exploring new business models to improve viability.

The final paper "Food festivals, food marketing and the re-invention of a rural community also focuses on food in a regional context" (Johnson Morgan, 2015) is a conceptual paper exploring the role of a food festival to re-invent a rural community.

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Date:Jul 1, 2015
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