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Editorial (English).

Dear Reader:

This is Issue 32 of our Revista Ingenierias Universidad de Medellin scientific journal.

According to our announcement in prior issue, we are about to execute an internal evaluation activity to establish the journal's specialized approach or to realize whether or not we have the conditions to continue offering multidisciplinary contents. A sustained average of 1,050 visitors on our website during the last eight months in 103 countries has confirmed that our journal is an editorial project with a consolidated Ibero-American recognition. Your interaction with us through any of our available means will be of extreme importance for making the decisions our journal requires in terms of its focus or the presentation of a more open scope for the engineering fields.

This time, our journal presents three environmental engineering articles; three civil engineering articles; three computer science engineering articles; and two other articles relating to electronics and industrial engineering. As usual, our intention is to reach a balance of the contents which are offered in order to keep an active interest of readers towards our publication.

Thank you for your loyalty as a reader. We would appreciate that you make sure that the contents offered in our journal are given necessary importance to be quoted in your future papers. We make our best eforts to make it real. Enjoy this issue.

Fredy Lopez-Perez Editor

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Author:Lopez-Perez, Fredy
Publication:Revista Ingenierias
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 1, 2018
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