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Editor-in-Chief Weekly Pulse submits written reply in SC, refuses to publish clarification regarding report.

ISLAMABAD -- Editor-in-Chief Weekly Pulse, Mohsin Jameel Baig in his reply to Supreme Court Friday not only refused to publish clarification about report but also made it clear to the apex court that alleged electronic-mail sent to companies in London by Registrar SC regarding Arsalan Iftikhar case is fact.

He submitted written reply in the Supreme Court regarding the report published in the magazine titled, "SC Registrar oversteps jurisdiction" in its June 22, 2012 edition.

In his reply, Mohsin Jameel Baig said it could be verified from the authority concerned of the federal government whether it did originate from within Pakistan or any point outside the country.

He clarified that the report published by 'The Pulse' was the moral duty of the magazine, which has a commitment to keep its readers updated with facts, which they may not find elsewhere.

It said in the reply to the Supreme Court that that it would be lawful for the said officer and the Registrar to file a complaint with the police but they cannot jointly initiate a criminal case against this respondent at the apex court, depriving the respondent of his right of defense and appeal under due process of law.

It was mentioned in the report that the Data Processing Manager is extremely tightlipped about the purpose of the email. To him, the whole design was to malign the Registrar by publishing a report about the extension of service granted to him above the Constitution

It further stated that the respondent had no cause to concoct/fabricate the e-mail and indulge in mudslinging by publicizing the fake communication.

It maintained before the court that the view of the subordinate officer of the Registrar cannot be incorporated in the order of this court as was done by the Division Bench.

It noted that this respondent has been summoned by the Supreme Court along with the Editor Production primarily because of the view taken by the said officer.

Mohsin Jameel Baig said that as the Chief Editor, he feels duty-bound to apprise the readers of any incriminating information concerning any officer of this court.

He observed that there is no law or code by which the respondent shall take prior approval from this court or any other authority in Pakistan.

He said that in the reply that The Pulse should not print the clarification by the Public Relations Officer until this court gives a ruling about the e-mail and withdraws the allegation that the magazine fabricated it.

It said in the reply that proofs were present that the residence in London sought by Dr Arsalan Iftikhar was subsidized because of tax-evasion.

It maintained in the reply that the said information, most probably, was either with the person who allegedly stayed in that accommodation for about a month or with those who paid for it added that the owner of the accommodation would not communicate such information after the storm.

"The question before this Court in these proceedings is as to who can use the name of the Registrar to threaten the owner?" it added.

Mohsin Jameel Baig stated that the SC shall first draw a line between the two issues in the under challenge Pulse Report, i.e. the email and the extension in service of the Registrar. The respondent is convinced that the issue of email has been raised only as a smokescreen.

He stated that in his view, this court is not empowered by the Constitution, by any law or the rules of this court to initiate criminal proceedings against any person causing hurt to any officer of the Court both intentionally or unintentionally.

He further maintained that he takes the view of the Data Processing Manager as an inspired attack on his dignity and he shall seek a remedy against the said officer or any other person supporting his view.

Mohsin Jameel Baig finally stated that the points noted hereinabove shall be sufficient to close these proceedings unless, of course, this Court feels duty bound to track down the actual writer of the email and bring him to book.

Weekly Pulse in its edition of June 22nd published a report in which it was mentioned about alleged emails sent to the companies of London regarding matter of Arsalan Iftikhar and extension in service of the Registrar SC and overstepping from his jurisdiction.

Upon which, the Registrar SC said that Weekly Pulse should publish clarification in this regard. But Weekly Pulse has not published the clarification. After which the case was registered in the SC and notices were issued to the Editor-in-chief Weekly Pulse, Mohsin Jameel Baig and the Editor Production Summar Rao. Upon which the written reply was submitted in the apex court on Friday.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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