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Editor's statement.

From winter, plague and pestilence, good lord, deliver us!

--Thomas Nashe, Summer's Last Will and Testament

Ira second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience, then tile successful transition of any academic enterprise m these dismal economic times is the triumph of experience over hope. With this volume of EIRC we bring you a new editor, assistant editor, editorial board (including an International Advisory Board) and cover design, including some board members who have worked previously on the journal. We cannot thank them enough. Most of all we thank outgoing editors, including head editor Frances Malpezzi, for keeping the standards of the journal so high during her tenure, and for making the transition to its new home here at East Carolina University run so smoothly.

Many thanks go to ECU for providing tile material support necessary for hosting the journal. The journal is now housed m our English Department in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. Former head editor of EIRC, Gary Stringer, has recently joined tile English Department and his expertise and experience are highly welcome.

Like the namesake of our College, tile scientific polymath, explorer and alchemist, we plan to take Explorations seriously and support sound scholarship, imagination and creative experimentation. We wish to explore the intellectual and artistic accomplishments of tile late medieval and renaissance periods vicariously through this publication, while travelling beyond national, cultural and disciplinary boundaries as we go along. "Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem," to quote the Blessed Cardinal Newman.

As always, the journal relies strongly (but by no means exclusively) on the contributions of authors, editors and peer reviewers associated with the South-Central Renaissance Society and its annual conference (the next one is scheduled for March 8-10, 2012 m New Orleans). The current issue of EIRC is tile ripe fruit of one of its affiliated societies, The Queen Elizabeth I Society. Kudos to Carole Levin for putting it together and many thanks to Scan Morris, Corinee Guy and our "printers devils" John McHone and Sean Aube for performing the layout and grunt work on this end. Special thanks to Donna Kain and Kirk St. Amant for their expert advice, and to Alvin Buenaventura and Michael Ehlbeck for their help with tile cover design.

We look forward to more special issues and topical "clusters" of articles from other SCRS affiliates. W{' encourage you to come to the conference, join the society and subscribe (for a mere $20/yr) to Explorations in Renaissance Culture.

--Thomas Herron, Editor


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Author:Herron, Thomas
Publication:Explorations in Renaissance Culture
Date:Jun 22, 2011
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