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Editor's report January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2003*.

Status of Manuscripts Submitted during This Period

                                                      Number  Percentage

(1) Manuscripts rejected and withdrawn                238      73.5
(2) Manuscripts awaiting reviewer reports on            2       0.6
    initial submission
(3) Manuscripts for which a revise/resubmit decision   28       8.7
    has been rendered
(4) Manuscripts accepted for publication               56      17.2**
Total Submissions                                     324     100.0

Supplementary Information regarding Manuscripts Submitted during This

                                    Review Period***
                         Mean        Median   Interquartile Range

First-Round Papers       77.8 days   69 days  57-95 days
n = 322
Subsequent-Round Papers  72.6 days   69 days  41-101 days
n = 89

* The incoming editor began receiving all new manuscripts effective
January 1, 2004. Since that date, she has received 19 manuscripts, of
which 4 have been rejected, 4 have received invitations to revise and
resubmit, and 11 are under initial review.
** A more useful way to depict the overall acceptance rate is to
calculate the ratio of (4) to the sum (1) + (4), which renders an
acceptance rate of 20 percent.
*** Defined as number of days elapsed between receipt of manuscript and
mailing of editorial notice. Third-round manuscripts typically have a
review period of 2-4 weeks, and fourth-round manuscripts a review period
of 1-3 weeks.
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Publication:Issues in Accounting Education
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Date:May 1, 2004
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