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WHILE I WAS IN SINGAPORE AT THE Third RIMS/RIMAS Risk Management Conference, one fact came clear about the risk management profession: namely that risk managers speak a common language around the world. East or West, the exposures and the regulations governing them may be different, but risk managers continually seek out ways to identify risks and liabilities and find better ways to protect the company from losses.

In a fundamental way, risk managers see business operations in a similar light. This became obvious when conference attendees boarded a bus to visit one of four local businesses to see first-hand their operations and risk management philosophies. The four choices were a Singapore Airlines hangar, a new amusement park, a mall complex and a local brewery. I took part in the brewery group (see photo on page 49) where risk managers from around the world - Pakistan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, India and Atlanta, Georgia - toured the factory of Tiger beer. As we strolled through the assembly lines of bottled and canned beer, risk managers shared different ways of looking at exposures, but everyone seemed to notice the security signs posted, the guards and handrails, and the protective uniforms of the workers. No matter what country we were in, risk managers looked at the business with the same perspective. This experience showed the true value of international conferences: to promote a dialogue among people of different nations.

For our last issue of the year, we feature a cover piece by Gerald Belfiglio on "Job Hunting for the Risk Manager" because we realize that 1992 may have been a tough year for some risk managers whose companies have downsized or closed down altogether. We hope to encourage risk managers to go into 1993 with a renewed optimism about their careers. For us at Risk Management magazine, 1992 will go down as a momentous year, the year we revamped our format and began promoting our magazine as the leading authority in the industry. It's been a year of enormous change. We at Risk Management hope all your holidays are merry. See you next year.
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Author:Oshins, Alice H.
Publication:Risk Management
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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