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AGAIN it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the Joseph M. Schwartz Memorial Essay Prize. This will be the third award, honoring the former editor and senior editor of Renascence, Dr. Joseph M. Schwartz. Professor Schwartz was editor from 1978-1995 and senior editor from 1995 until his death in 2002. The first JMS Essay prize was awarded in 2006. In alternate years Renascence commemorates Dr. Schwartz with a commissioned essay, delivered at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is then published in the journal's spring issue.

This year's JMS prize goes to Thomas J. Moretti, for "Misthinking the King: The Theatrics of Christian Rule in Henry VI, Part 3," published in the Summer 2008 issue. The competition was judged by three members of the Renascence Associates, a group of scholars who assist and support the journal in a variety of ways. His essay is now posted on the Renascence web site, as a model and an inspiration for other scholars.

The two runners-up for the JMS prize are Andrew Wheat, whose "Dodgson's Dark Conceit: Evoking the Allegorical Lineage of Alice in Wonderland" appeared in the Winter 2009 issue, and David Beauregard, whose "Human Malevolence and Providence in King Lear" appeared in the Spring 2008 issue.

Once again this year, the judges found the range and quality of all the essays read to be high. As in past years, I am pleased with the variety of essays from which the judges chose the best essay. As I have said before, such variety highlights the consistency of values and principles for which Renascence has been known for more than sixty years.

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Author:Block, Ed, Jr.
Publication:Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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