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IT is with great satisfaction that we publish this special Hopkins issue of Renascence. For many years the journal has been known as a repository of important critical articles on the well-known Jesuit poet. Now Renascence welcomes a number of familiar scholars, offering both a historical and a more contemporary look at the poet, his work, and his continuing significance.

David Anthony Downes has been a significant name in Hopkins studies for many years. Noted as a student of Hopkins the Jesuit, he comes to us in this issue as an historian of the Hopkins Society and its journal, The Hopkins Quarterly. Contributor to one of the most popular special issues of Renascence (the Hopkins special issue, Vol. 42.1-2, 1990), Jude V. Nixon returns in this issue offering a special connection of Hopkins to an important twentieth-century Catholic author, Muriel Spark. Author and editor of significant work on Hopkins, Francis L. Fennell provides a new way to look at Hopkins's possible impact in the future, employing the insights of recent advances in critical theory.

Renascence continues to invite scholarly and critical submissions on the life and work of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and the thinkers and writers with whom he is associated and compared. The journal hopes to compile a complete collection of what is tentatively to be called Hopkins in Renascence, to be published as a separate volume through an appropriate university press.

Finally, I ask subscribers and readers to look forward to future issues of Renascence, including (forthcoming in spring 2006) announcement of the first Joseph M. Schwartz Memorial Essay prize. Next spring, the journal will announce the name of the author and essay judged the best essay published in the journal in volumes 56 and 57 (2003-2005). The prize essay will be selected by a panel of three judges, chosen from our board, the Renascence Associates.
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Author:Block, Ed, Jr.
Publication:Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature
Date:Jun 22, 2005
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