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THIS issue represents both a proud and yet a somewhat sad moment for Renascence. With it we inaugurate what will be an annual commemoration of the late Dr. Joseph M. Schwartz, Emeritus Professor of English at Marquette University, editor of Renascence for over seventeen years, and senior editor for almost seven years, until the time of his death in September 2002.

Dr. Schwartz was a tireless encourager of young scholars and a persistent "developer" of established scholars, persuading them to submit their work to the journal. Dr. Schwartz was also imaginative in developing topics for special issues. Under his editorship the journal published more than half a dozen special issues, some celebrating authors' centenaries, others marking issues of concern in the area of literature and values.

Professor Edward M. Griffin's essay in this issue, "Dancing around the Maypole, Ripping up the Flag: The Merry Mount Caper and Issues in American History and Art," is the first commissioned Schwartz Memorial Essay. Delivered at Marquette April 19, 2005, in the recently opened John P. Raynor, S.J., Memorial Library Conference Center, it was the occasion of a gala attended by Professor Schwartz's widow, Joan, and his son Adam, as well as numerous local scholars, former students, colleagues, and friends.

A year hence, in Spring 2006, we will announce in these pages the first Joseph M. Schwartz Memorial Essay Prize. That essay will be chosen by three Renascence Associates as the best published in the journal in the previous two years. Besides earning its author a cash prize of $1,000, this essay will grace the Renascence web site through the summer of 2006.

In Spring 2007, we shall again publish a commissioned essay in the general area of Dr. Schwartz's specialization, American literature. Thus, every year from now on Renascence will be commemorating Dr. Schwartz and his lasting contribution to this journal.
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Author:Block, Ed, Jr.
Publication:Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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