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Editor's note.

Dear Reader,

The toughest and yet the most exhilarating and heartwarming responsibility I have is to organize the World Children's Festival (WCF) every four years. This issue bursts with the excitement of the festival and the magic it creates.

Also special about this issue is that ChildArt is now an eMagazine. By moving to the digital realm, we can honor our commitment to limiting children's exposure to advertisements while still providing a quality publication at a reasonable price. We hope you like reading ChildArt on your device as much as you liked reading the printed copy. We look forward to your comments, which can be emailed to or posted at

I hope you enjoy this issue and learn many new things!

With best wishes,

Ashfaq Ishaq Ph. D.


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Author:Ishaq, Ashfaq
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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