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Editor's note.

We are excited to present in the Fall issue of the World History Bulletin a special section focusing on the theme of "Global Environmental History." The section offers a compelling collection of essays that help us see how to teach the history of the global environment through annotated syllabi, and how to work with environmentally-oriented primary sources in the classroom. The special section also contains a set of essays coming at the problem through the lens of historical research, and J.R. McNeill's ruminations about how to tackle the problem of global environmental history from the standpoint of writing a coherent book are especially useful in light of the turn towards "big history." Together, these essays show how we can begin to develop new strategies of researching and teaching world history in ways that are sensitive to the interactions of humans and their environment. This section of the Bulletin was guest-edited by Sarah Hamilton of the University of Michigan. I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness and rich variety of the section, and I thank Sarah--and the contributors--for their hard work.

As always, the Bulletin seeks to publish "short-form" essays on all aspects of historical scholarship including pedagogy, research, or theory. Topics may include the prehistoric, ancient, medieval, early modern, modern, and contemporary periods. Articles may include model syllabi or assignments, if applicable. Or, if you would like to guest-edit a selection of essays on a particular theme, please contact me at

With all good wishes,

Jared Poley

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Author:Poley, Jared
Publication:World History Bulletin
Date:Sep 22, 2013
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