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Editor's note.

When I agreed to edit Legacy six years ago, I had a fairly accurate idea of what the job would entail, and, as with all new enterprises, assumed it also would hold some unpredictable situations. I knew, for example, that I would be working closely with colleagues and friends who would, from time to time, move along to other challenges. It's always difficult to bid farewell to those who've given so freely of their time and talents to this undertaking. In 2012 Etta Madden, who has for several years edited the book review section of the journal with a great deal of professionalism and skill, will no longer be associated with the journal. We will miss working with her, and are grateful for her contributions. And while it may sound trite to say it, we welcome the chance to get to know our new colleague, Sari Edelstein, who has agreed to take on the responsibilities of book review editor. As well, Rynetta Davis and Kim Hester Williams will join our group of consultant/readers.

A challenge I had inaccurately foreseen was that of working with fellow scholars, who, I assumed, would be like many of--us resistant to direction and oblivious to deadlines. Editing someone else's prose for publication is an extraordinarily delicate task, and asking a colleague to do yet another round of revision, and on a very short deadline, seemed calculated to produce difficult interactions. How wrong I was! I had not anticipated the graciousness, patience, and goodwill with which those who have published in the journal these past years have responded to our editorial interventions. (Here I use the plural, recognizing the labor of Jennifer Tuttle and Theresa Gaul, who are coeditors of the journal, and Robin Cadwallader, our managing editor.) The four of us have evolved a successful if somewhat Byzantine method of editing that is labor-intensive and precisely careful. Our procedures yield marvelous results, but always have the potential to be perceived as intrusive and nitpicky. Yet we have unfailingly received the most gracious and cooperative responses. So in this new year, and on behalf of all of us who are involved with producing the journal, I want to extend a public thanks to those good souls who have shared their work with us, have patiently revised, checked details, reread edited versions of their prose, again patiently revised and checked details, and consistently met deadlines. Their highly professional behavior has allowed us, in turn, to send our materials to press on time and in good form.

I did not anticipate, or even imagine, the most challenging situation I've encountered since assuming the editorship: paying a proper and sufficient homage to a much-respected and beloved colleague. Of course I write of Karen Dandurand, one of the co-founders of our journal, who died in September 2011. Fortunately, although planning and coordinating this tribute became my task, the words in which it is expressed have come from a chorus of kind, wise, and articulate colleagues. Their tributes to Karen's luminous and exemplary life open this issue of Legacy.

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Author:Tonkovich, Nicole
Publication:Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers
Article Type:Column
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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