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Editor's note.

April 2010

Dear Readers:

Greetings. This issue of the World History Bulletin marks my final issue as Editor; However, before I turn over the duties to a to-be-determined successor, I wanted to extend a few words of thanks and praise for several individuals who have made my job both memorable and rewarding.

First, I would like to thank Al Andrea and Carter Findley for having the courage to go with an unknown scholar from amid-sized university to handle the task of carrying forward both the tradition and significance of the Bulletin. I hope that I have lived up to their expectations.

Second, I would like to thank Kieko Matteson, Robert White, and Winston Welch for their endless cooperation and assistance during their respective years as Executive Director. This job would not be possible without their assistance.

Third, I would like to thank Carter Findley, Ralph Croizier, David Northrup, Michele Forman, Anand Yang, and Al Andrea for their cooperation during their respective years as President. So much of the WHA-related material in the Bulletin is dependent upon the president's leadership, and these folks never let me down.

Fourth, I would like to thank Peter Dykema for his service to the Bulletin as Book Review Coordinator. Peter has served in that capacity since 2003 and will continue under the new Editor. The quality of the reviews in this issue speaks clearly to Peter's tireless efforts on behalf of the Bulletin readership.

Fifth, I would like to thank Carlos Marquez for his service as Copy Editor for the Bulletin. Carlos has done as outstanding job of helping me move the Bulletin from its previous simple--yet professional--layout and appearance to the current professionally-printed publication.

Finally, I would like to thank the scores of individuals who have contributed to the Bulletin. In reality, it is this group of people who make the Bulletin what it is today: a professional publication with top-quality essays and lessons that inform and educate its readers about the field of world history.

I believe that I have accomplished the tasks that Carter and Al set out for me in late 2001 and that the Bulletin has progressed nicely over the past nine years. With that said, I hope that you enjoy this issue of collected essays and book reviews.


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Author:Tarver, H. Micheal
Publication:World History Bulletin
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Date:Mar 22, 2010
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