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Editor's note.

My term as Editor ends with this volume of Vitae Scholasticae. I want to thank the International Society for Educational Biography (ISEB) for choosing me to do a task I love, helping writers to actualize their communication intentions; I also want to share a personal perspective on academic writing. Members of ISEB submit papers for review and publication in Vitae Scholasticae for a variety of reasons, ranging from preparation for tenure and promotion review to longstanding interest in educational biography. At the same time, many members have only a vague idea about the publishing process and the essential roles of the supporting team--the reviewers, the Editor, and the Publisher. We are all familiar now with the saying, "It takes a community to raise a child." Likewise, I believe "It takes a community to publish an academic paper." As your Editor for the past five years, I have relied heavily on the goodwill of dedicated members of ISEB and colleagues at the University of Saskatchewan to serve as reviewers and on the never-ending patience of the publisher, Alan H. Jones at Caddo Gap Press. For future growth and organizational health of ISEB, I encourage a larger number of members to develop reviewing skills, the ability to assist writers with both the conceptual and perceptual frame works of their papers.

Jessica Latshaw

University of Saskatchewan

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Author:Latshaw, Jessica
Publication:Vitae Scholasticae
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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