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Editor's note.

Film Criticism is pleased to announce a new website at http:// Internet explorers will now be able to read abstracts of current articles, access our archives, order back issues and subscriptions, visit the websites of our editorial board members, be informed about upcoming conferences and calls for papers, and, of course, contact the editor via e-mail. The Links page also offers one-stop shopping for other journals, academic research resources, movie reviews, and DVD purchases and rentals. We have been pleased by the number of "hits" to date and, more importantly, by the opportunity to correspond with readers and potential contributors.

With this issue we welcome Janet Staiger, William P. Hobby Centennial Professor of Communication at The University of Texas, Austin, to our editorial board. She is co-author (with David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson) of the definitive The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Film Style and Mode of Production to 1960 and author of Interpreting Films: Studies in the Historical Reception of American Cinema and Perverse Spectators: The Practices of Film Reception among other titles. Her latest book, Media Reception Studies, will be published this year. Attentive readers will have noticed a couple of other important additions to the board that went unannounced during my sojourn as a college administrator. Charles Maland is Professor of English and Cinema Studies at the University of Tennessee. Also a widely published scholar, he is the author of Chaplin and American Culture: The Evolution of a Star Image. Kristen Whissel is assistant professor of Film Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Her first book, Picturing American Modernity: Traffic, Technology, and the Moving Pictures, will be published this year by Duke University Press.
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Author:Michaels, Lloyd
Publication:Film Criticism
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Dec 22, 2004
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