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Editor's note.

Dear Readers,

The articles that are in this issue are from diversified disciplines.

The first article discusses the variances of gender inequality in cultures, cultural relativism in cultural discourse, culture and patriarchy and the incompatibility of some cultural and religious norms with human rights.

The second article is concerned with the issue of FGM in which it discusses the psychosexual effect of FGM on Sudanese women.

The third article also reveals the knowledge and attitudes of female and male university students towards FGM/FC. The target group usually comes from families of high socioeconomic status and whose parents are of relatively high educational level.

With the anticipated peace agreement in Sudan, the fourth article identifies some of the root causes of the conflict and how they impact religious dialogue. The author conceptualizes dialogue in this context and reports on efforts at inter-faith dialogue by religious groups, including interviews with religious leaders.

The last article is on the draught animals and agriculture. It is a valuable contribution that reveals the significance and importance of draught animals for community local farmers in rural parts of Sudan.

The research notes that are the contribution of different schools cover a wide range of subjects which include: the environment, Gender, FGM and peace.

Ahfad News will keep you updated with all the major activities that have occurred during the past month at AUW as well as covering staff activities during the same period.

Dear participants and readers, you are always welcome to contribute with articles to Ahfad Journal.
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Author:AbdelMagied, Ahmed
Publication:Ahfad Journal
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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