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Editor's note.

Dear Readers,

This issue of the Ahfad Journal has contributions from both Sudan and the United States of America.

The first article tackles Female Genital Mutilation, focusing on the perception and attitudes of Secondary School girls in Khartoum State towards the practice. A special consideration is given to the impact of the level of education and socio-economic status. This article focuses on a segment of society previously not studied--secondary school girls--as part of the current generation and perpetuators of future generations.

The second article may be of interest to those in Nutrition, Agriculture, Health or Home Economics, considering a fruit close to the Sudanese people's heart 'the banana'. It shows the effects of different temperatures--mainly heat and chilling temperatures--on the ripening of bananas.

Dr Edith Grotberg addresses the growing problem of war tom Sudan's displacement. The article concentrates on a subject important to human nature, resilience. Her article considers resilience in displaced persons focusing on different resilience factors. She discusses how resilience is made up of factors that are best-organised around external supports.

The fourth contribution to this issue is Dr Sondra Hale's commentary on her visit to Sudan. It focuses on Feminist Education primarily at Ahfad University for Women. This article reflects on the author's expectations and the differences she found in reality!

The research notes cover a wide range of subjects including the environment, conflict resolution, nutrition, human relationships and peace.

We are pleased to keep you in touch with our Ahfad news. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to any comments you might have......

The Editor

Ahmed M. A/Magied
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Author:A/Magied, Ahmed M.
Publication:Ahfad Journal
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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