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Editor's note: hi-ho, the Derry-O.

If the measure of a good magazine is its staff, then West Branch is a very fine magazine indeed--and largely because the cheese does not stand alone. The work of gathering, culling, and editing submissions is accomplished by good minds in collaboration. This issue marks a number of changes and additions to the editorial staff that will inflect upcoming issues.

Contributing editor Garth Greenwell, who has for the past four years been a regular poetry reviewer for us, has a new annual column called "To a Green Thought." We look forward to visiting regularly the "green shade" of his musings on poetry--outside the corral of the omnibus review. Matthew Ladd will join Sarah Kennedy as a regular reviewer of poetry.

Also new to our masthead is Shara McCallum (Director of the Stadler Center for Poetry), along with Deirdre O'Connor, Robert Rosenberg, and G. C. Waldrep (Stadler Center associates). They will serve as advisory editors for the magazine, voicing their opinions in occasional thumbnail reviews and bringing new writers to pasture with us. Dinty Moore has joined the ranks of our contributing editors and will sound the call for creative nonfiction.

In response to an enormous increase in submissions generally, we looked beyond the dell at Bucknell for two new associate fiction editors and found Matthew Pitt and Laura van den Berg. They are sending some fabulous stories our way. And Katie Hays--long-time editorial and behind-the-scenes presence at West Branch--returns this year as Stadler associate editor to work closely with me in the reading and editing of submissions.

All of us hope that, in the pages that follow, you will find yourself apocalyptically entertained by Maggie Smith, unhinged by George David Clark, transported by N. M. Kelby, a little freaked out by Austin Bunn, and thoroughly caught up in the many other varieties of pleasure and provocation the West Branch farm team has to offer.
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Author:Buck, Paula Closson
Publication:West Branch
Date:Sep 22, 2008
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