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Editor's note/Nota editorial.

In mid-2012, RBPG--Revista Brasileira de Pos-Graduacao--published an edict for academic works that focused on sustainable development, aiming to contribute to the reflections that emerged during Rio-United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, specifically in relation to the advances made by postgraduate studies in the production of knowledge on this topic. In answer to this edict, 45 articles were submitted and, among these, 13 were selected for the special issue published at the beginning of this year.

When the special issue was published, the President of Capes and the Scientific Commission created to assess the articles received decided to publish the issue also in English, hoping to guarantee that the selected works would be widely accessible, which was coherent with the global relevance of the topic and with the important role of Brazil in the production of knowledge on this topic. With the agreement of the respective authors, this issue is the literal translation into English of the collection of articles in thematic issue number 21, entitled Postgraduate Education and Sustainable Development. Besides being as close as possible to the original texts, the English translation tries to feature the same images as in the original issue, related to the topics addressed at Rio such as water, energy, mobility, sustainable food production and environmental protection.

Maria Luiza de Santana Lombas


Em resposta ao Edital no. 036/2012/CAPES, 43 artigos foram submetidos para analise. Apos todo o processo de avaliacao das colaboracoes, que envolveu 75 consultores de diversas areas do conhecimento, apresentamos este numero tematico da Revista Brasileira de Pos-Graduacao (RBPG), que contem 13 artigos sobre a pos-graduacao e o desenvolvimento sustentavel.

Em face da agenda que a tematica impoe, optamos nessa edicao por exibir imagens que remetem a topicos presentes na Rio+20--Conferencia das Nacoes Unidas sobre o Desenvolvimento Sustentavel. Sao eles: agua, energia, mobilidade, producao sustentavel de alimentos e protecao ambiental.

Os professores Arlindo Philippi Junior e Maria do Carmo Martins Sobral, organizadores deste projeto, assinam o editorial desta revista.

Daniella Maria Barandier Toscano


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Author:Lombas, Maria Luiza de Santana
Publication:Revista Brasileira de Pos-Graduacao
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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