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The Italians are confident and with good reason. In the midst of a controversy between the AFM and MIFED, the Italians are spending lots and lots of money developing media events like Umbriafiction, financing competitions such as the Venice Film Festival and going all out with symposia like Prix Italia. MIFED, on its part, is investing close to $1 million to improve its market.

Unfortunately, the Americans could not have chosen a worse time to challenge MIFED. To be fair, the AFMA did not want to see MIFED dead. At least this is the impression I got talking with its officials; they simply wanted a market more efficient for their members. I also have reason to believe that for years the AFMA tried to convey its displeasure with the Milan market to MIFED officials to no avail.

Now, though the situation is difficult, the AFMA has clearly made its point, and most important of all, it has effectively reached the target.

MIFED, like a sleeping giant has awakened with a loud roar and caused a tremor across the Atlantic and Pacific.

Europe is firmly behind MIFED and Americans need Europe. It could be a coincidence that so much market power is now being fired by the Italians but RAI's Umbriafiction might only be the beginning. Ultimately, though, the AFMA was able to get what it wanted from MIFED. Call it a victory.

But, now let's go back to the original less complicated life with MIFED in the fall and AFM in the winter.
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Title Annotation:the American Film Market and MIFED
Author:Serafini, Dom
Publication:Video Age International
Article Type:editorial
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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