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Editor's introduction.

Welcome to Volume 43 of the American Educational History Journal. This volume would not have been possible without the assistance of several very wonderful and talented individuals, including the associate editor (S. Marie McCarther), book review editor (Susan Studer), the managing editor (Mindy Spearman), and my energetic and highly competent editorial assistants, Karina Dunn, Rachael Mills, Amy Strassner, and Thea Voutiritsas. I also appreciate the hard work of the Editorial Board and the reviewers for their willingness to offer critical feedback to enhance the overall quality of this volume. The contributors too, submitted scholarship that is dynamic, interesting, and cutting-edge.

This volume is dedicated to Joseph (Joe) Watras, a giant in the field of Educational History and a mentor to so many of us in the Organization of Educational Historians and beyond. Indeed, I came to rely on Joe's advice and wisdom on several occasions, and he was always ready to assist and guide me whenever asked. When news of his untimely passing spread, messages of sorrow of course followed, but so did stories about Joe's never-ending willingness to teach and his warm and caring demeanor. To be sure, Thomas Kessinger noted, "Joe was a true exemplar of what it meant to be human as well as a scholar; he was many things to us. I count him as one of my significant mentors as I tried to research and write well in a scholarly fashion. He offered me guidance on more than one occasion." Others commented on Joe's helpfulness and patience, and, most noteworthy, his humility. "He did not call attention to himself," American Educational History Journal, Volume 43, Number 1, pp. ix-xi Copyright [C] 2016 by Information Age Publishing All rights of reproduction in any form reserved.

Craig Kridel remarked. "All professional activities were for the greater good-the exploration of ideas and new understandings of the overlooked and taken-for-granted." I know personally that Joe never turned down a request to review "just one more" manuscript for this journal, and his comments were always helpful and moved the researcher's work forward. But I think most significantly, we will all miss his quiet and stately presence at the annual meeting. In fact, like so many others, I cannot imagine the meeting without him. The good news is that within this volume we have one of his last writings--appropriately the first article presented. It is entitled, "Boyd Henry Bode, John Dewey, and the Problem of Subject Matters." He leaves an incredible legacy of professionalism, scholarship, grace, and human decency, and it is my hope that through our work we can in some way honor the many gifts he has given us.


The theme for the 2015 annual conference of the Organization of Educational Historians (OEH) focused on educational histories and historians whom have influenced our research interests, and the goal of the conference was to provide scholars with the opportunity to share these stories as a means to uncover critical truths while also celebrating the important work we do. With these ideas in mind, this volume includes a wonderful collection of histories and each piece, in its own way, contributes significantly to national and international discussions about how we may use historical research to reveal the too often hidden elements of the human experience. It was a pleasure to review this work.

This issue also includes Bernardo Gallegos' superb 2015 OEH Presidential Address, "Education and Indigenous Slavery in New Mexico" as well as an important book review by Theodore Zervas.


The Article of the Year Award for Volume 42 goes to Melandie McGee and R. Eric Platt for their piece, "The Forgotten Slayings: Memory, History, and Institutional Response to the Jackson State University Shootings of 1970." This outstanding article sought to "increase our understanding of contextual issues surrounding institutional protest and tragedy," and adds significantly to the field of educational history.

Compliments of George Johnson and Information Age Publishing, Melandie and Eric will receive a $250 check and a special award at our 2016 annual conference.

Volume        Name          Institution              Title

42       Melandie McGee    University of   The Forgotten Slayings:
         and R. Eric       Southern        Memory, History, and
         Platt             Mississippi     Institutional Response to
                                           the Jackson State
                                           University Shootings of

41       Carl Kalani       Ashford         Comparing Native Hawaiian
         Beyer             University      Education with Native
                                           American and African
                                           American Education during
                                           the Nineteenth Century

40       Joseph Watras     University of   The Influence of the Cold
                           Dayton          War on the Racial
                                           Desegregation of American

39       John Wakefield    University of   "Whosoever Will, Let Him
                           North Alabama   Come": Evangelical
                                           Millennialism and the
                                           Development of American
                                           Public Education

38       Kelly A. Kish     Indiana         American Scholars Abroad:
                           University      Reflections on Soviet
                                           Academic Freedom

37       Diana Senechal    Independent     Why Do We Need a
                           Scholar         Philosophy of Education?:
                                           The Forgotten Insight of
                                           Michael John

36       Lynn M. Burlbaw   Texas A&M       An Early Start: WPA
                           University      Emergency Nursery
                                           Schools in Texas,

35       Joshua Garrison   University of   A Problematic Alliance:
                           Wisconsin-      Colonial Anthropology,
                           Oshkosh         Recapitulation Theory,
                                           and G. Stanley Hall's
                                           Program for the
                                           Liberation of America's

34       Jared R.          California      Struggle for the Soul:
         Stallones         State           William Heard Kilpatrick

The primary purpose of the Article of the Year award is to honor quality scholarship in each volume of AEHJ. Another winner will be selected for volume 43.
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Author:Davis, Donna M.
Publication:American Educational History Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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