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Editor's introduction.

The two articles in this issue each showcase metaphors that capture the essence of the challenges of teaching. In the first article, An Hour in the Class: Pushing and Pulling the Students Towards Ideas, William "Greg" Harman provides a portraiture of Mr. Flannery, a middle school social studies teacher, whose teaching can be seen as involving push and pull, or a balance of demand and of invitation to his students. I recommend this article to teacher educators for widespread sharing with preservice and inservice teachers. David Knowlton, an instructional design educator and the author of the second article, Zen and the Art of Ghost Busting within a Radical Classroom Milieu, describes ghosts that haunt his teacher life: the ghost of student-centered versus content-centered, the ghost of grading versus ongoing, formative feedback, and the ghost of the current push toward "authentic practice" versus pulling future teachers toward deep learning. Highly reflective teachers will surely recognize Knowlton's ghosts.

Margaret Zidon, Editor

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Author:Zidon, Margaret
Publication:Teaching and Learning
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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