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Editor's introduction.

We close another year and many of us are in awe that we did, indeed, make it through. Some, very obviously, better than others. Playing vignettes of media within our memories, we can recall the images of fear in those that were imprisoned in New Orleans for days, moronic smirks of the presidential administration, and the continued repression of news and events from the Middle East. We can replay our own personal scenes of continued harassment from administrations obsessed with NCATE certification, academic "freedom" mongers attacking innocent and devoted professors, and the knowledge that unless things change radically, we will be facing a new Higher Education Act in the coming months.

When we began Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education, we believed that we were a part of a group of writers and teachers who would contribute our work to a receptive audience. That group and audience is getting smaller and smaller. Innovative scholarship is being censored, progressive teachers and professors are being targeted, and students are fearful about adhering to what is safe or following what is believed to be appropriate. We will continue with our journal, hoping that we are just walking though a phase that will end quickly. Many of us are making alternative plans, changing jobs, retiring early, even moving abroad. I guess one must make a choice as to what to do, and what is best. Do you stay and fight? Do you move and fight from the outside? Do you write and teach without indoctrination, but with conviction, hoping that students will be empowered? Just where do we go?

After working from within for many years, some of us have made the choice to leave our homes, jobs, familiar surroundings for places less frightening. That group includes the founding editors of Taboo: Joe Kincheloe and me. We will be moving to Montreal in the new year to begin what we hope will be a very long career at McGill University. The move was not precipitated by one particular thing, however, we believe it to be a good decision. McGill is a phenomenal school and we are privileged to be a part of the Faculty of Education there. And, we believe that perhaps our scholarship and commentaries on education and culture in general, may be received in a less threatening manner than has been the case previously within the United States. This move to McGill does not imply a surrender to the global hegemony of the United States during the Bush era; it is, rather, a relocation of our place of critique. In a university such as McGill, everyday worries about the rights of faculty to criticize the globalized empire of capital are relieved. We feel that we will be in a better spot to work for social justice in the United States, Canada, and the world in our new positions.

We will continue to edit Taboo, and appeal to you to continue to subscribe and to contribute. With the convenience of email, all submissions are now electronic; consequently our move should not hamper production.

Looking forward to a more peaceful new year, best wishes from Shirley and Joe.
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Author:Steinberg, Shirley R.
Date:Sep 22, 2005
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