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Editor's introduction.

One of the greatest tests of executive leadership is how a person manages competing values. Good leaders recognize the reality of competing values; great leaders guide their company and culture to embrace competing values in a productive manner.

In our lead perspective, Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO of PSA, headquartered in Singapore, describes the yin and yang of nurturing talent to help guide a multinational enterprise. He writes of context and process and complementary approaches to talent management, and the role senior leadership plays in setting the tone for both.

In the commentaries that follow, four senior executives share their own stories in response to Chong Meng's perspective.

David Small of McDonald's describes how values, even in a successful global firm, can become unbalanced. He then shares leadership's efforts to restore the dynamic tension that allows the enterprise to thrive.

Mike Henry of BHP Billiton points out that as we seek to balance process and context, we must remember that even context is context dependent. Each company must decipher the unique context that contributes to the competing values they need to embrace and manage.

Ritchie Bent of Jardine Matheson puts the yin and yang of nurturing talent into practice as he describes the history of leadership development initiatives across his firm. As their executives develop, they discover first-hand the yin and yang of their own experience as executives in development.

In our final commentary, Varun Bhati, former CHRO of Levi Strauss & Company, expands the discussion, encouraging us to see that the yin and yang of nurturing talent requires we attend to the paradox of present capabilities and future talent, as well as the paradox of being broad and specific in our focus.

If you believe the best executive leaders nurture talent, and that doing so is a skilled balancing act of competing organizational values, then this installment of Perspectives is for you. After reading the lead perspective and the commentaries that follow, you can contact any of the authors or me directly; let us know how your company has mastered the yin and yang of nurturing talent.

Marc Sokol, Perspectives Editor

Marc can be reached at

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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