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Remember when doing research for an academic paper or article meant going through stacks upon stacks of books and articles? These days, research means having to navigate through not only the maze of bookshelves at your local library, but through the labyrinthine world of online information sources as well. Knowing how to spot the difference between credible and suspect websites is an invaluable skill and the Journal has just the article you need about this topic. ADAA 9th District Trustee, Ronda V. Lane, BS, CDA, RDA, provides easy tips to remember when looking for information online, as well as a list of recommended websites for dental assistants looking for specific information relevant to the field (page 12). Remember, just because you found information online, doesn't mean that it's always correct.

Speaking of research and education, this issue also features the second installment of this year's series of ADAA Continuing Education courses appearing in the Journal, "Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: An Update" (page 22). Active members are eligible to take this course at no charge for continuing education credit and can obtain immediate results for this exam by taking it online at

Dental assisting is a field that knows no international bounds. The Canadian Dental Assistants Association and ADAA recently convened to discuss the promotion of dental assisting. CDAA President Elaine McKay; RDA, shares some of her thoughts on strengthening the partnership between CDAA and ADAA for the benefit of all dental assistants (page 6).

Also, Annual Session is two months away, so be sure to take a look at the proposed Bylaws and Resolutions, as well as the Conference Rules (page 16).

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Author:Trota, Michi
Publication:The Dental Assistant
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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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