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Editor's comment.

In our second issue as editors of the Journal of Rehabilitation we would like to take an opportunity to discuss several changes that will be made to the Journal. The changes are designed to strengthen the professional image of the Journal, improve the manuscript review process, and promote discussion about articles that have been published in the Journal or issues that are facing the field of rehabilitation. We also feel that by making these changes we will be able to continue to publish high quality articles that address current issues that are directly relevant to rehabilitation practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.

First, we will change the layout of the Journal. In addition to a change in the typeset, we have included in the upper left-hand corner of the title page relevant information needed for citation purposes. The editorial board listed on the first page of the Journal will include the board member's respective university or professional affiliation. We hope these changes will improve the "look" of the Journal.

Second, the Editors comments will focus on a discussion of an issue that is relevant to rehabilitation practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. As editors we will take this opportunity to provide a brief but thoughtful discussion of issues or topics that we feel are important to the field of rehabilitation. We are also looking for feedback from readers regarding their thoughts and reactions to our discussion. Our intent is not to create controversy, but to promote discussion about issues that are impacting the rehabilitation community. At times we may invite contributions from leaders in the field to write pieces that address specific topics of importance. In order to facilitate discussion we are creating a letter to the editor section of the Journal. This section will give us an opportunity to publish specific responses to editorials and articles that have appeared in the Journal.

Finally, due to the high volume of submissions we are in need of more editorial reviewers. To meet this demand we are creating a consultant reviewer status to help the Journal provide comprehensive reviews for each manuscript. For those of you who are interested in becoming consultant reviewers for the Journal please send us a copy of your curriculum vita and a sample article. We will be glad to review the materials and add you to our list of consultant reviewers. It is our hope that a good pool of editorial consultants will provide expanded knowledge and diversity to our editorial review process and prepare individuals to become full editorial board members when the opportunity presents itself.

As editors we are excited about the changes to the Journal and look forward to future editions. We welcome your feedback and hope you find the Journal a helpful resource to your professional development and growth.
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Author:Strauser, Dave
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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