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Editor's comment.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are assuming the editorship of the Journal of Rehabilitation. Paul Alston has done a great job as editor and left the Journal in exceptional shape. Under Paul's editorship the Journal has continued to be the flagship journal of NRA. It is the most widely circulated rehabilitation journal and one of the most highly regarded journals in the area of rehabilitation. Paul has also assembled a first-rate editorial board composed of leaders in the field who have done an outstanding job delivering high quality manuscripts to the Journal.

As we assume the editorship of the Journal we look forward to working with the editorial board in an effort to publish high quality manuscripts that address the needs of individuals with disabilities. We want to continue to publish articles that address issues directly relevant to rehabilitation practitioners and their work in diverse settings. Theoretical, conceptual, descriptive, and applied research articles provide the foundation for competent and informed professionals. In upcoming issues we hope to have editorials focusing on topics of current interest in the field that will hopefully stimulate thoughtful discussion.

With the challenges facing the field we hope the Journal will be a valuable resource for readers. The true impact of this professional journal will be the affect it has on people with disabilities and the practitioners who serve them. We hope that the Journal will serve as a forum for meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas on matters that affect individuals with disabilities.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Journal we look forward to hearing from you. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to our tenure as editors.
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Author:Strauser, Dave
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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