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Editor's column--centennial issues.

This issue of the centennial volume of the journal begins with an article discussing geology, specifically a rare mineral known as vivianite. Given the multitude of connections to geology and geologists that characterized the founding and early years of the TAS, it is most appropriate that an item in the centennial volume relates to this field. The lead article by Marvin Nutt and George Swihart thus provides a most welcome connection to a discipline that was prominent in the careers of many members who provided support to the Academy during its formative years.

The ants of two limited but important habitats found within the Central Basin of Tennessee are the focus of the second article in this issue. JoVonn Hill's research builds on previous entomological work conducted in the cedar glades and xeric limestone prairies of the basin. Two new state records of ant species are included in the catalogue of ants resulting from his field work.

Contributing Editor George Webb provides another historical commentary in the third item of this issue. He examines the role of the TAS in the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), an institution having a multitude of profound effects on the citizens of Tennessee for nearly eight decades. That the TAS became involved in the founding of the TVA when it had been itself in existence for only two decades speaks to the maturity attained by the Academy by the time of the Great Depression and the ensuing New Deal. The efforts of concerned academy members to confront the social and economic upheavals taking place in Tennessee during the early 1930s are worthy of remembrance.

Some archival material dealing with the first quarter century of the publication of this journal ends this issue.

Stephen J. Stedman Managing Editor

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Author:Stedman, Stephen J.
Publication:Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science
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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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