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Editor's Note.

We are calling this month's artistic adventure "Drawing with Pencils and Pigments," and it begins with our Cover Story: "Line, Shape, Color" (page 28). Perfect for beginning high-school art students, this project utilizes glue and pastels, and results in some outstanding and vivid portraits. "About Face: The Hundertwasser Project" (page 30) should please the younger crowd with its mixture of media and introduction to a very interesting artist.

"Theme and Variation: The Crosshatch Portrait" (page 32) combines the digital age with traditional drawing techniques, while improving students' observational skills. As an extra bonus, students' self-esteem will quite possibly be reinforced. "It's A Wrap! A Study of Installations" (page 34) uses Christo and Jeanne-Claude as inspiration, as students begin by wrapping chairs for an "installation" (a new art form for them!), then use these same chairs as the subjects for some outstanding drawings.

"Segments of van Gogh" (page 36) is a great way for primary-level students to learn about Vincent van Gogh's artworks, line segments and overlapping, and how to use oil pastels in the creation of their own art. The sophistication of the artwork shown in the article belies the fact that the young artists were only in first grade! "Take Out" (page 42) serves as a compelling introduction to "chiaroscuro"--the drawing technique that emphasizes light and shade. Though the subject matter may be simple, the student drawings that result are anything but.

Guy Hubbard's "Teaching Art with Art" series returns this month with "Images That Twist and Turn" (page 44). Through a Mili photograph, a Bayre sculpture, and a painting each by Stella and a Delacroix, Professor Hubbard enlightens us on how artists have portrayed twisting and turning movements in their work, and how your students can successfully incorporate this effect in theirs. Also returning this month is Barbara Herberholz's "Walking through History" series (page 48). This time, the focus is on "The Home and Studio of Charles Demuth," as we tour the grounds and buildings where this important American artist lived and painted.

Touring artists' homes and studios is one way to spend your summer vacation (yes--it's coming!), and there are lots of other ideas and activities listed in the "Schools and Summer Art Experiences" section, found on page 51 through 57. Now is the time to make plans for an enriching summer of art and learning.

We also have two offerings from our occasional series, "On the Art Career Track." The first, "Advertising Art: Work in Action" (page 58) is appropriate for middle-schoolers, while "Ticket to Ride" (page 60) challenges high-school students.

These are just a few of the "Items of Interest" in this month's issue. Be sure you don't miss the others--"Young Artist: Genevieve Irwin" (page 41); "Forum: Humor in the Art Room (Expect the Unexpected)" (page 61); and "At Monet Garden Installation": A Momentary Gift of Art" (page 62).

There is a wealth of projects and ideas found in the following pages, so have fun and create enriching art experiences in your classroom. Oh, and if you plan to be among the thousands of art educators attending the National Art Education Association convention this month in Miami, we hope you will stop by booth #515 and say hello! We'd love to see you.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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