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Editor's Note.

Dear Reader,

Healthcare is a multifaceted, constantly evolving industry and for the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law, we take pride in our ability to marry the law with the complexities of the healthcare system. This year, the Journal focused on the legal and policy implications within the field of telehealth and the emerging technologies designed to expand access to medical services. On behalf of the Editorial Board and Staff of the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law, I am pleased to present Volume XV, Number 1, our annual symposium themed book.

On April 11, 2019, the Journal hosted our ninth annual symposium, "Talking Telehealth: Analyzing the Role of Technology in Healthcare," featuring three panels of experts offering their insights on various aspects of telehealth and its legal and practical implications. Our panelists offered diverse perspectives of medical and legal professions ranging from physicians to experienced legal practitioners to those involved in the policy-making processes that shape the way telemedicine is put into practice. Additionally, our moderators, who themselves come from diverse and experienced backgrounds, expertly guided the discourse. The event was attended by individuals from around New England, including professors, practitioners, and students from the legal, political, and healthcare industries.

As a companion to our symposium, we now present this theme book containing pieces written both by students and professionals--along with some of our esteemed speakers--all focused on the variety of issues discussed during our symposium. Each and every piece that comprises this book offers a unique perspective of telehealth. I would like to express my gratitude for our advisor, Professor Renee Landers, Professor of Law and Director Health Law Concentration, for her constant support. We are so appreciative of her endless support and enthusiasm for the Journal. Finally, thank you to the current Editorial Board and Staff of the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law. Every member has worked diligently to ensure that this edition rises to the standards of our esteemed Journal. Their dedication to furthering the scholarly discourse within health and biomedical law is evident not only in this edition, but in our success all year.

I am honored to present Volume XV, Number 1 of the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law.


Andrew Hadeka


Journal of Health & Biomedical Law

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Author:Hadeka, Andrew
Publication:Journal of Health & Biomedical Law
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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