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Editor's Note.

We are delighted to announce the redesign of the Borges Center website, In the coming months we will be incorporating maps, images and internal links in the webpage, to make it the best possible digital tool for Borges studies. Your suggestions are welcome.

We are also happy to announce the publication of the second volume of the series of three books of Borges manuscripts in facsimile editions, with introductions, typographical transcriptions and commentaries. This volume, Ensayos, includes "Viejo habito argentino" ("Nuestro pobre individualismo", 1946), "La muralla y los libros" (1951), "Dos fechas" ("El pudor de la historia," 1952),"La obra de Flaubert" (1952,unpublished) and "Destino escandinavo" (1953). The critical edition of the long unpublished essay on Flaubert was done by Daniel Balderston and Mariana Di Cio, and the book as a whole put together by Daniel Balderston and Maria Celeste Martin. The book can be purchased for $25 by accessing our store in the following link:

The third volume of the facsimile series, Cuentos, will include manuscripts of five short stories. We expect to publish that in the coming months.

Submissions are invited for the spring 2020 issue (#49) of Variaciones Borges, which will focus on the Borges-Bioy collaborative works. We ask that contributors take into account the monumental book Borges-Bioy en contexto, compiled over a period of many years by our co-founder, Cristina Parodi, and published by the Borges Center in 2018. It is available on our website in the following link:

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Publication:Variaciones Borges
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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