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Editor's Note.

Welcome to this issue of the Journal of Heart-Centered Therapies. We are pleased to present four articles on topics ranging from an examination of the Native American Vision Quest ceremony as potential healing process for a dysfunctional autonomous complex to integrating play therapy and Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama in treating children.

The lead article in this issue is "Hanblecheyapi: Native American Tradition of Vision Quest and Transcendent Function" by Jenny Frank-Doggett. The author, who was put out on vision quest this year, explores the ancient Native American ceremony of Hanblecheyapi (or Vision Quest) and examines its potential effectiveness in helping participants to discover and heal autonomous complexes. She investigates the autonomous complex, its dualistic structure and illusive nature, and why it is a troubling aspect of the human psyche. The article illustrates the potential of the vision quest ceremony as a container and catalyst for transcendent function which can heal the autonomous complex.

The next article in this issue is "Amazonian Plant Medicine Use and Abuse in the 21st Century" by Judi Vitale. The author examines the use and abuse of hallucinogenic Amazonian plant medicine (in particular Ayahuasca and Kambo) by non-indigenous individuals in "plant ceremonies" for the purpose of bringing people into a state of awareness that transcends the everyday "normal" world. In this paper, an attempt will be made to place this desire for drug-induced transcendence into perspective by studying cosmic patterns of the times and comparing them with the late 1960s, another era that is marked by the pursuit of transcendence through hallucinogens. Alternative transpersonal techniques, particularly breathwork, also prominent in the 1960s, are viewed as also potentially serving the need for transcendence.

Mariko Prigel contributes a fascinating article on "Integrating Play Therapy and Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama: A Profound Treatment for Traumatized Children." This paper explores the effectiveness of the integration of Play Therapy and Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama, illustrated by several cases. The author, with many years of experience as a teacher and child therapist, concludes that providing Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama combined with play therapy is highly effective for the treatment of traumatized children.

"Introversion and Extraversion Among Churchgoers" is an article by Mini Myers Card that examines the theoretical relationship between introverts and extraverts and their influence in the church. The innate personality differences might play a role in individuals' satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the church, and the psychological type theory might prove to be a useful model for understanding why some people end up leaving the church and others stay. The article discusses the possibilities of church leaders and churchgoers being able to embrace the dominant/superior function and the non-dominant/inferior function of their personality type (introversion/ extraversion) so that church communication and acceptance can become cohesive.

Finally, we present "Selected References on Later Life Effects of Preconception, Conception, and Prenatal Experience", updated this year to include the latest published research on the topic.

Also, please consider submitting a manuscript for the March, 2018, issue of the Journal, and share your clinical experiences with other readers!

David Hartman, LCSW Editor-in-Chief

Heart-Centered Therapies Association, Issaquah, WA USA
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Author:Hartman, David
Publication:Journal of Heart Centered Therapies
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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