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"Remembrance of Things Past"

Do you remember polyester leisure suits? Synthetic fibers have come a long way since then. Thanks to increased research, many new materials have been created and now are a large part of our daily lives. At Pittcon this year there were more than a dozen technical and poster sessions on polymers research. For some of the newest products and services in this area, see our Polymer Update on page 36.

Pure water supplies for your laboratory are discussed in our Technology Insights section. Turn to page 12 to read about the latest developments in water purification systems and the emerging applications for the purest of water.

Compact X-ray Spectrometer For Rapid Elemental Analysis

Venus 200 minilab is a second-generation compact X-ray spectrometer incorporating patented technology that enables it to be configured for optimal performance and speed in widely differing industrial applications. Sample excitation is by means of a low-power X-ray tube, while the elements present are measured using up to three separate types of optical devices operating in parallel. A multi-position crystal mill acts using elements-specific measuring channels for sequential determination of various constituents. A tunable goniometer permits programmed analysis of any heavy elements from scandium to uranium. Goniometer also can be used to scan over selected wavelength ranges in order to investigate spectral phenomena. Fixed channels minimize overall analysis times by simultaneously gathering data for selected light elements, while other elements are being measured sequentially with the crystal mill and goniometer. Instrument can be located in a lab or close to a production site. It requires no fume extraction, no special mains power, and no water cooling. Philips Analytical Inc., Natick, MA 01760.

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Expanded Line of PTFE Materials

Poro-Tex family of customizable expandable ePTFE materials, for laboratory and medical uses from venting media, HPLC and microfiltration to analytical instruments, offers uniform porosity in a range of pore sizes from 5 to 0.05 microns. The porosity, durability and mechanical strength of the product make it an excellent filtration medium for clarification of acids, bases and solvents. Poro-Tex is created by stretching PTFE longitudinally or biaxially with rigorous uniformity in a cleanroom facility. This method allows customization of the pore size and flow rates, as well as the material width, thickness and bubble point properties. Standard hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of PTFE can be altered to make the product hydrophilic or oleophobic. DeWAL Industries, Inc., Saunderstown, RI 02874

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Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

DBC Series of Dry Block Temperature Calibrators has temperature generation ranges of -45 C to 650 C that are automatically stepped and ramped with a 0.03 C temperature control stability. A dual backlit LCD provides a convenient readout for an external reference probe, switch test, mA, T/C, RTD and error calculation. Features include multiple inserts with different diameters, RS232 communication capabilities, and user-selectable multi-language firmware. Druck, Inc., New Fairfield, CT 06812.

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Flash Chromatography Modules & Columns FlashPack disposable columns for flash chromatography offer an alternative to traditional glass columns, which must be emptied, washed, dried and repacked after each run. Modules are available as 1, 5, and 8 column systems, allowing multiple configurations to be assembled. All modules accept the full range of pre-packed, disposable, quick-release columns. Sorbent masses are currently available from 2 g to 70 g in a range of column sizes. Jones Chromatography, Inc., Lakewood, CO 80228.

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Portable Lead Testing

Scanning Analyzer HAS-1000 provides low ppb in-house lead measurements, inexpensively. Users follow step-by-step instructions for sample digestion and a simplified anodic stripping voltammetry technique to obtain total-recoverable-lead values that satisfy requirements of the federal Lead and Copper Rule. Analyzer automatically recognizes the proper calibration for each matched lot of prepared sample conditioning tablets and electrodes. Test provides low ppb detection, is not subject to interferences typical in drinking water, and yields readings in 3 minutes. HACH Company, Loveland, CO 80539.

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Rotary Vane Pump for Aggressive Gases

C2 Series Rotary Vane Pump is specifically designed for chemical plasma applications, It features chromium oxide coating on all bearing surfaces, oil degassing: N2 bubbler system; Viton seals; stainless steel parts; and inert preparation. With a wide range from 8.8 to 42.4 cfm, this model is ideal for harsh processes with aggressive and corrosive gases. Alcatel Vacuum Technology, Inc., Hingham, MA 02043.

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