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Edgeio Classified Boards to Utilize AdStar Technology.

Marina del Rey, Calif.-based AdStar Inc., provider of e-commerce transaction software and services for advertisers and publishers, announced that edgeio will use AdStar technology to power print and online ad transaction services for newspapers on edgeio's Classified Boards, launched this week.

Advertisers that submit a listing to any edgeio Classified Board also may create, schedule, and pay for an ad listing for publication in print and/or online versions of participating geographically relevant newspapers. A person wishing to list a classified ad on a blog in San Francisco, for example, may also have the option to list in participating newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area. By partnering with AdStar, edgeio is enabling newspapers to become part of the edgeio Classified Boards network. The newspaper portion of this service should be available early in the second quarter of 2007 for publishers who wish to participate.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., edgeio has more than 100 million item listings from 162 countries. Content owners can publish listings on their own Web sites and have edgeio automatically include them in its index, or owners can publish directly on the edgeio Web site.

With this week's launch of the edgeio marketplaces platform and its first application, Classified Boards, edgeio is empowering any Web site owner to create any type of classified listing board, from jobs to autos to housing.

"AdStar provides a great opportunity for our members to benefit from the combined power of print and online advertising, as well as a unique opportunity for newspapers to capitalize on our growing network of sites and ad listings," edgeio CEO Keith Teare said in a statement announcing the partnerership.

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