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EdgeXtend Enterprise Developer.

Persistence have what is claimed to be the first mapping tool to enable enterprise object re-use. Software developers can combine multiple independent object models into one project and support the re-use of object models across the entire enterprise.

An applications object model defines its logical components and the relationships between them. For example, a trading application might need to track quotes, trades and user portfolios. A user's portfolio could be related to all of the trades executed by a particular customer. The object-relational mapping tools increase developer productivity by specifying how application objects map to a relational database and generate code for persistent data access. The generated code provides the additional benefits of caching.

EdgeXtend Enterprise Developer, allows developers to logically separate object models into smaller units that are easier to develop, while allowing relationships between objects in different models. These "meta-relationships" knit data from different models together, sparing developers from manually coding cross-model integration logic. EdgeXtend Enterprise Developer generates methods that are fully compliant with the EdgeXtend dynamic caching system. Finally, the creation of this abstract data layer requires little to no work to the customers 'current data schemes.

The EdgeXtend Enterprise Developer works by generating application data objects based on an object model that abstracts the object-relational mapping The data model can be entered directly into EdgeXtend tools, which include an Eclipse-based version, be imported from a CASE tool such as Rational Rose, or generated directly from an Oracle or Sybase data dictionary. The application data objects can be generated as Enterprise Javabeans, as .NET assemblies or as C++ objects.
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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