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Edge extravaganza.

Let there be choice! That's the shopper's wish.

Knife buyers have nothing to complain about. It's amazing that during the millennia from prehistory to the threshold of the 21st century makers of blades and edged tools have continued to provide so many new designs, but that is due to a ready market. Knives tend to sell themselves.

Though a knife is built to last a lifetime, no sportsman ever has too many cutting instruments. No collector has everything he wants. Repeat sales are the rule and the market is never truly saturated. This year again finds all major knife builders plying their imagination and their craft with modern (as well as ancient) materials. Here are some of their successes.


Although mainly of a proprietary nature with knives imported from abroad, Browning remains an important company for blade lovers interested in utility, collection, or both.

On the utility side are Browning's new Featherweight Composite Pocket knives. Frames are made of high-impact Zytel with laminated wood inserts. The Trapper series features the standard two-blade Model 820, a Model 821 with clip and pen blades, and the 822 with three blades, including a sheep foot for cutting on flat surfaces such as hides. All three are 3 inches when folded, with main blade length of 2 1/4 inches.

For the collector, Browning's new Limited Edition Model 188G knife is a companion to their Model 1886 Lever Action Carbine. This knife has a 4-inch hollow-ground blade with etched nickel silver (German silver) hilt. Only 2,500 will be offered.

Buck Knives

Buck's new fixed-blade knife is the Vanguard, 8 3/4 inches overall length, one model with a woodgrained handle, the other with a rubberized handle, both with black nylon sheaths -- all business. A lightweight folding Fishlocker Fillet Knife is built to take a beating with its thermoplastic handle and mid-flex 5 1/4-inch blade. It only weighs 3.2 ounces.

The V52 Buck Selector is just that -- a knife that changes character with blade selection. Drop point, saw, serrated edge, and hawkbill are some of the choices. Blades lock into the handle. Handle color choices are black, olive drab, or orange.

An exciting Buck collectible with chipped flint steel blade resembles an Indian arrowhead in shape. David Yellowstone, Navajo artist, honors his grandfather Cuthair on the handle of the knife. Survivor of "The Long Walk," Cuthair's image blends with turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, ironwood and brass in this unique knife handle. The late Al Buck is also honored with a Commemorative Model 110 folding hunter knife.


Tradition and innovation blend into the Camillus theme. The company offers knives on both ends of the spectrum.

The Camillus Classic Cartridge is handsome and innovative, a unique instrument. It is a two-blade jackknife with the words "Camillus Classic Cartridge" on one blade and on the other the name of the represented cartridge, such as the .30-30 Winchester, plus an accurate dimensional sketch of the round with all pertinent measurements.

Another innovative idea is the company's Riders of the Silver Screen Collector's Series, noted as "character" two-blade jackknives featuring color pictures of Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Mix, Tonto, Roy Rogers, Lash Larue and other cowboy favorites.

High Country Hunters is a series with same haft/handle design, but absolutely different blade styles, including a 1 7/8-inch Capping Blade, 1 3/4-inch Mini-Drop Point, a 4 1/4-inch Trailing Clip Point, 3-inch Drop Point and 3 1/4-inch Big Belly Skinner Blade. There are also new Promaster models from Camillus, several with knife/saw jackknife combinations plus a series of military knives, such as the Trail Blazer with 7-inch blade, and the Marine Combat, also with 7-inch blade.

Collectors Armoury

For replica knives, Civil War swords, military sheaths, and bayonets, dealers need to look no further than Collector's Armoury. Known throughout the industry as the leader in replica edged weapons, this company handles the blades that were in use from the Middle Ages through the 1900s, including a fine line of Samurai swords.

Empire Cutlery

Supplier of Frosts knives from Sweden for over 25 years, Empire Cutlery now carries the Genuine Swiss Army Knives by Wenger and EZE Lap products. When your customers demand the best, give them knives from Empire.


Remington continues to expand its line of camping and hunting gear this year, and they haven't overlooked the cutlery line. New this year is the Bush Pilot knife, styled after the 1920s original two-blade knife. The Bush Pilot features two 440 Stainless Steel blades -- one a Turkish clip and one a spey skinner -- along with a Dura-Stag handle and a brass liner. With both blades open, the Bush Pilot is 10 inches long.

Also cataloged this year is Remington's full line of sheath and folding knives. The sheath knives, ranging in length from 8 1/2" to 9 3/4" are renowned for their edge-holding ability and dependability. Remington's folders run the gamut from the single-bladed Gentleman to such functional models as the Upland, with gut hook and choke tube changing tool, the Utility, with saw blade, can opener, and screwdriver, and the Big Game, with a self-cleaning bone saw.


Schrade's knives perform at many levels, functional to collectible, starting with the Old Timer series, moving to the Uncle Henry line, Scrimshaws, Limited Edition, Tradesmen, Imperial and Jackmaster -- with the M-7S Survival knife, Open Stock models and other types.

Among newer entries to this long list is an Old Timer Bearhead Trapper jackknife for hunters, farmers, ranchers, and others who work and play in the outdoors. The Bearhead is 4 1/4-inches closed with 3 1/4-inch clip and spey high-carbon steel blades plus tempered field pick and tweezers tools integrated into the design.

Collectors will be happy to see several Schrade models aimed at their interest, with more on the way. The "Great Moments in Aviation" folding knife honors Wilbur and Orville Wright, their flight burned in history forever. A hand-painted scrimshaw jackknife commemorates the event with a scene called "The Flyer," along with an inscription acknowledging the date. A branded leather sheath accompanies each knife. The Checkered Flag series boasts matching serial numbers -- Indianapolis race cars is the theme.

The 500th year of America's discovery offers another theme for Schrade with a fixed blade collection, six handcrafted models with blades of special DZ steel, each blade carrying a 24K gold etch commemorating a historically significant event from the 15th through the 20th century--Columbus discovering America, for example, and the early colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth.

SOG Specialty

Sportsmen turn to SOG Specialty Knives when they need a toolchest in their pocket. Known for producing state-of-the-art cutlery and knife products, SOG's new ToolClip has become a mainstay in the game boxes of many a hunter. This handy little gadget is really 13 powerful tools in one, including a wire stripper, pry bar, saw blade, spearpoint blade, and crosshatched file. The whole thing can be secured in the pocket or to the belt with an integral clip.

SOG's customer referral program, low minimum initial order, and literature support program can really increase your customer flow.


Taking the folding, lock-bladed knife design into the 21st Century is Spyderco with their Clipits and ProVenator series. These knives, with their distinctive thumbhole blades, are designed to be opened quickly and easily with only one hand. The serrated edges stay razor sharp cut after cut for hunting, law enforcement, or survival work.

Spyderco knives come with stainless steel or colorful polymer handles. They are also available with pocket/belt clips to keep the little slicing wonders handy at a moment's notice.

Axes For Action

For the serious hunter and outdoorsman, a wood and game ax is a necessity. The well-known line of Buck sheath knives includes the Model 106 Hunter's Axe, with a 2 1/2-inch head and a birch handle; it's ideal for opening the rib cage on large game as well as being a perfect camp tool. For smaller game, the Model 815 Game Shears not only make field dressing a snap, but serve as a screwdriver, cut line, and bottle opener as well. Similarly, the Model 154BK SawBuck is two saws in one: a course saw for slicing soft, dry wood fast, and a fine saw for harder woods.

For the outdoorsman who likes to travel light, Lyman offers the folding Camp Saw, weighing only 7 ounces. The saw comes with both standard and extra-fine-tooth game saws; a black or camouflage carrying pouch is also available.

Keeping The Edge

For the hunter and knife collector who enjoys maintaining his own cutlery, Buck offers several sharpeners and accessories. Before heading to the field, hunters will want to hone their blades to a fine edge with the Triple-Sharp, a three-sided, rotating sharpener in 4-, 6-, and 8-inch models. At base camp, hunters will want to keep their edges keen with Buck's Arkansas and Washita sharpening stones, either mounted or unmounted. While in the field, hunters can rely on the little pocket EdgeMaster with its 4-inch retractable ceramic/steel rod to keep sharp.

When razor-sharp just isn't good enough, hunters turn to Edgecraft's Diamond Hone electric sharpener for the finest knife edge available. The Chef's Choice Model 110 can sharpen a knife up to twice as sharp as a razor blade with an edge that will slice through the toughest hide, lasting up to three times longer than professional edges.

In the field, many hunters rely on their Remington Rem Stones, with a 6-inch hard Arkansas stone to remove large blade chips, and a soft stone to give a fine hone to blades of all lengths.

The SpeeDeeSharp from Performance Industries can be used to sharpen knives, scissors, arrows, fish hooks, and almost any sporting equipment that needs a fine edge. With hand-held convenience, this little gadget is perfect for the game bag, tool box, or right in the pocket.

Knives, axes, saws, and sharpeners are some of the most important "gun extras" on the hunting and firearms market. These powerful little marketing tools can also be used to draw campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts into your store and increase your customer base. Don't neglect the knife customer -- a strong line of cutlery products in your store can boost your bottom line.
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